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Single STP/UTP cable HDMI signal repeater
1. Being used with standard single STP/UTP HDMI extender.
2. Could be cascaded up to 5 levels to extend the HDMI signal via single STP/UTP cable reach to more than 150 meters.
3. Single UTP cable in , single UTP cable out
4. With extra local HDMI output
5. Fully HDMI V1.3b supported
This device is to be used to extend the HDMI signal via UTP cable to more longer distance. It only need single STP/UTP cable to transmit HDMI signal, which is very suitable to the situation where the cabled STP/UTP resources are limited. It is used between Grandbeing's single STP/UTP transmitter and receiver, it could be cascaded to reach longer range that more than 150 meters.

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