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HD Longdistance Surveillance Camera

Support up to 1080P @ 60Hz HD video surveillance.
Support HDBase-T, can transmit the data via common UTP cable.
Support PoE
The maximum transmission distance can reach up to 100m.
This model could be cascaded.
Grandbeing has launched a new generation of HD Long-distance Video Surveillance Camera, it integrates HD Long-distance Video Surveillance Camera with intelligent control system. This device can achieve a real-time viewing and monitoring of lossless HD video. You can realize the storage and playback for these video surveillance data through video surveillance server.

The device can be used to take Power over Ethernet (PoE) to dispense with the power wiring troubles. In addition, it can output the captured video with a HDBase-T port, the transmission distance can reach up to 100 meters by using cat5E cable. At the same time, through a series of cascaded devices, it allows multi-channel video data transmitted with a single UTP cable, and makes the transmission distance greatly extended.