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MX2424 OP1

1.Allows up to twenty-four sources to be independently switched to twenty- four sinks.
2.Transmission distance reaches up to 2Km under the 3Gbps signal both inputs and the outputs.
3.Auto-adjustment of feedback, equalization and amplify, the user does not need to care about the length of the cable.
4.Four switching modes: panel buttons, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet.
5.With ESD protection inside.
6.Mounting ears supplied.
7.For Single-Mode-Fiber Applications.
Grandbeing’s MX2424-OP1 is an 24 in -by-24 out fiber matrix. It allows any of the twenty-four source to be routed to any of the twenty-four sinks simultaneously, Users can choose several different ways to control the matrix: by using RS232, RS485, LAN and The button of the panel.

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