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For best performance of the transmission, following notices must be paid attention to:
1) Try to avoid using these devices in loud electrical noise area, keep all the devices and cables away from strong interfering sources such as mobile phones etc.
2) Using metal conduit to shield the STP/UTP cables.
3) Try to use STP cables instead of UTP cable.
4) Try to use Cat6 cable or better performance cable.

STPUTP extension products selection guideline

STPUTP extension products selection guideline
1.First to choose which method you'd like, dual STP/UTP cabel or single?
2.Using dual STP/UTP cable you may transmit IR control signal through it, for single not.
3.What range you want to have, 30 meters, 50 meters or more?
4.STP/UTP repeaters help customer to transmit the HDMI signal even longer.
5.Try to use the STP type cable to avoid interference from out side RF sources.
6.Try to use metal conduit to contain the STP/UTP cable to enhance the stability.
7.Try to choose the combination with ● mark to increase the compatibility.

HDMI High Density Splitting System


1. 4 HDMI inputs
2. 64 HDMI standard outputsHDMI V1.3b
3. 4 IR emitters to control the 4 sources, the IR control is routing type
4. Multi control methods, manual, IR on front panel, IR on rear extension, IR via UTP from sink, RS232, LAN(TCP/IP)
5. Key locking to avoid accidental operation
6. Supports HDMI signal single UTP cable transmission.
7. EDID self studying and fixing function.
8. HDMI output supports HDMI or DVI displays.
9. HDCP compliant.

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